About us

Lucky Star Jewelry NYC

Although Lucky Star Jewelry NYC was officially opened for business in 2009, the passion for the product developed much earlier.

Judy Liebman, the designer behind Lucky Star Jewelry NYC, began her career in fine jewelry as a young girl working in her family’s jewelry store.  Travelling to trade shows, selecting merchandise, assisting customers and helping with promotions, Judy learned the trade from her dad, who along with running the store, did custom design work.  When her father passed away unexpectedly while Judy was in her teens, the store was quickly closed and Judy turned away from jewelry for some time.

In her late twenties while working in product development for home fashion products, Judy felt something was missing and soon discovered that it was jewelry. She began taking evening jewelry making classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and started crafting pieces in sterling silver that she wore herself.  Often getting compliments on her jewelry, she did some commissioned work while still pursuing her career in home fashions.

Judy continued this way for almost 10 years in which time she had 2 daughters.  After spending several years at home with her young girls, Judy realized that her passion truly was in jewelry design.  In 2009 she took a comprehensive jewelry-making course and soon after, launched Lucky Star Jewelry NYC.

The name Lucky Star came to Judy one day when she was thinking about her father who introduced Judy to her passion.  She believes he is her Lucky Star, looking out for her from above.  In addition, the letter “L” is the first initial of her last name and the “S” being the first letter in her children’s last name.  Judy believes that she has come full circle and that her personal life and career needed to meet in order for her dreams to come true.

Judy feels lucky to be able to create jewelry and also spend time with her children and enjoys looking at the world from their eyes.  Most recently, while vacation with her daughters, Judy’s children found the most beautiful shells during an afternoon walk on the beach.  Judy has turned them into a delicate line of necklaces.

Judy finds inspiration everywhere and enjoys taking every day items like hearts and stars along with natural items like trees and shells and adding a whimsical spin to them.  Judy continues to develop new pieces and loves hearing from customers about how her work touches them.

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